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  • 2D Mapping Image

    Beamline Update: 2D Mapping

    Posted on May 16, 2016
    The new sample stages with 100 mm x 200 mm travel, combined with Acquaman's existing mapping functionality have made larger-scale mapping possible on IDEAS.  The beam can be masked down to a spot between 0.5 mm and 2 mm square, which opens up a wide range of possible mapping measurements. The above image is a map of the copper fluorescence signal from a CLS logo printed on a laser printer:

  • 8keV Multilayer beam delivered to IBM endstation! Image

    Beamline Update: 8keV Multilayer beam delivered to IBM endstation!

    Posted on December 18, 2015
    Only 3 days after the shutters were first opened on the upgraded beamline, the mirror alignment has been fine-tuned, separating the white (pink-ish?) beam from the mono beam: The energy of the mono beam has been tested, and the alignment of the new multilayers in the monochromator were adjusted to achieve the desired 8keV.   Finally, the fine alignment of the beamline was checked by bringing that beam all the way to the IBM endstation!  (Well, to the cover over the Beryllium window into the IBM endstation, but close enough!)  The fact that so much was accomplished this week is a testament to the amazing work done by the entire IDEAS/IBM Upgrade project team, and everyone else that provided us with supported!

  • First light after upgrade! Image

    Beamline Update: First light after upgrade!

    Posted on December 15, 2015
      We’ve just opened the shutters on IDEAS for the first time since February!   We had low current beam on the new mirror and through to the diagnostic screen before the mono (the image above).  I don’t want to celebrate too early, so no donuts until I get beam, through the mono. ;)   Full current conditioning is underway, and can continue using normal shift over the next few days.   Thanks to all those who stepped up last week (and weekend) to resolved the last couple of issues that were standing in our way including Larry, Harley, Bryan, Jeff, Ed, Lawrence, Rockie, Ryan, Beatriz, Murray, Shawn, Tonia, Brian, Darin, Andria and Stacie… Apologies if I missed anyone.